Behind the Bestseller #11 | Sam Blake Talks To Carmel Harrington

International bestseller Carmel Harrington writes issue-driven popular fiction and is the author of Cold Feet The Lost Years, which accompanies the ITV series.

Carmel’s uplifting and inspiring books have all been regular chart-toppers, and have captured the hearts of readers worldwide – she is translated into eight languages to date, in eleven territories. Published by Harper Collins, her books have been described by the Daily Mail as ‘beautifully written, emotionally intelligent and moving in the extreme.’

My Pear-Shaped Life was published in Ireland, UK, Australia, New Zealand and US in April 2020, and is a joyful, uplifting book for those of us who sometimes wake up & feel we’re not good enough. Spoiler alert: we are!

Sam Blake delves into the fascinating process of Carmel Harrington, how she finds her characters and how she develops them, coming up with plots that will make you laugh and also make you cry, as well as getting her top tips for writing a bestseller.

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