Between You And Me #7 | Learning to Get Comfortable with Discomfort

While this podcast was recorded just prior to the current (very uncomfortable, for most) Covid challenges, it couldn’t be more relevant. Most of us are all now feeling discomfort on many levels, and there just may not be enough wine left in the house to deal with them. Thankfully, we have a better (and healthier) option than sucking the dregs of the cooking Sherry bottle.

We think that uncomfortable feelings are something we should avoid, ignore or gloss over, when in fact if we learn to acknowledge them, accept them and even try to understand them, we are far more likely to deal with them effectively.

Discomfort is an emotion, and often we feel that we are our emotions. In this episode, we tell you why this isn’t true at all, and we give you practical advice and tips on how to become comfortable with discomfort, so that you can spend more time getting comfortable with the things we really want to enjoy in life.  Cooking Sherry optional.

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