Between You and Me #1 | Embracing Middlescence

Middlescence and Shaking off that Mid-Life Malaise

This introductory podcast explores the concept of middlescence, and how we can shake off that midlife malaise that often creeps up on us. It’s not really a crisis, but a deep sigh of “Really? All this effort and this is it?”

We follow some well-followed.signposts assuming we’ll arrive at Destination Happy, only to discover that the room is too small, it overlooks the bin area and the Welcome Cocktail has run out.

But often it’s because we are living on autopilot, running on empty, driven by lists and expectations that bear no resemblance to what actually makes us shine, and we’re totally exhausted. In this episode, Maria and Alana chat about the importance of pressing pause. Because what’s really exciting about this time of life is that even though it is often the busiest and most overwhelming time of our lives, we also now have a gift that no other generation of women before us have had.

This episode reveals that gift, explores how to use it, how to make self-care about self-awareness, and how to kick some serious ass at this time of life.  Let’s run our own lives, not let our lives run us, and stop living that “If only….” life, to live a life that is about us.

Between You and Me is co-hosted by journalist and NLP coach Maria McHale, and writer and The MidLife Coach Alana Kirk. You can listen to all the episodes here

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