Bookish – Episode 1

Welcome to episode 1 of Bookish – a new monthly podcast about books.Your hosts are Bob Johnston of @gutterbookshop and Shane Breslin of @Blackbirdbks. Each episode they’ll look at the latest news from the book world, lending their expertise and knowledge to the stories that matter.There’s a book club which will be discussed on the next episode, a look back at a forgotten classic, a special feature called Trilogy in which a special guest chooses three books that matter to them, as well as Shane and Bob selecting some new releases for the month ahead and lots more.In this episode, crime writer Arlene Hunt (@arlenehunt) is the guest for Trilogy; there’s discussion of the Irish book reviewing scene, as well as Amazon’s work practices; great picks for the month ahead including books by Roisin Ingle, Donal Ryan and Morrissey; Anne Enright in the book club; and a great selection for ‘Second Look’.You can download the MP3 directly below, or listen via the player above. The show will on iTunes soon, in the meantime you can subscribe using the RSS feed in your favourite podcasting app.And please, give the show a follow on Twitter @bookishpodcast