Bookish – Episode 6 Sports books of the year 2015

Regular listeners to Bookish will know that Shane always gets away with shoehorning a sports book reference or two into the most unsuitable of conversations. Having quickly become accustomed to Bob’s glazed-over expression, he’s in his element this month as he sits down with Eoin McDevitt (Second Captains) and David Sheehan (LMFM Sport) to talk about the best sports books of the year. Includes most of the following: – The risk of the ambitious sports book – World title fight death and the amazing story behind it – The always crazy, often grim life of a football manager – How GAA books punch above their weight (and not a shemozzle in sight) – One man’s weird obsession with a tennis great – Harry Redknapp’s Pulitzer (“I think I signed him once from Steaua Bucharest”) – The genesis of the first ever Second Captains annual. That’s the very special standalone Bookish end-of-year sports books round-up