Crimeland | The Killer Lobster Boy with Tony Cantwell

This week on Crimeland, The Killer Lobster Boy with Tony Cantwell.

For more than a century, a peculiar physical condition known as ectrodactyly had afflicted the Stiles family – a condition which affected their limbs to varying degrees.

While many may have viewed this condition as a handicap, for the Stiles family it spelled opportunity. In 1944 Grady Stiles Sr moved his family to the carnival mecca of Gibsonton, Florida, where his son, Grady Stiles Jr., quickly became the headline act in a local freakshow; Lobster Boy.

Adored as a young performer, Grady Jr’s story took a more sinister turn as an older man, who quickly built a reputation for violence – and sometimes even murder.

Julie Jay chats to Tony Cantwell (@tonyhorror) of the hilarious Shitshow and Sexy Beasts podcasts.

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