Food Delivery Trends for 2020

It might not seem like visiting the neighbourhood grocery store or restaurant takes a lot of effort, but food delivery has quickly gone from a luxury to an essential. Whether you are interested in food delivery trends because of a busy lifestyle or simple curiosity, it is important to note that 2020 has been a major year of change. People who would have never expected to use an app to order meals for the week have found the process much easier than shopping for groceries. And consumers have also found that they can get almost anything delivered, including speciality items. Check out how food delivery trends have been updated for 2020.

Why Home Food Delivery Is More Popular Than Ever

Food Delivery Trends

As people all across the country have been staying home and restaurants needed to immediately shift their strategies, food deliveries have become first instead of second nature. It is true that food deliveries have always been convenient. In fact, people were urged to avoid eating too much takeout, as that was really the most popular type of food delivery that existed. Many popular grocery delivery services and companies mainly catered to major cities, making it harder for people living in the suburbs to even consider food delivery as a viable option. Now, food deliveries are just as common as Amazon package deliveries in rural neighbourhoods and cities alike.   

Local Restaurants and Curbside Pick-Up

During the initial wave of the coronavirus epidemic, restaurants started to offer more incentives to customers who supported local eateries. Since eating out at a restaurant, going to a deli, or sitting at a bar was no longer an option, drive-thrus, curbside pick-ups, and home delivery became a staple for the majority of the population. People who would normally eat out for lunch everyday not only learned how to make their own meals but became open to ordering from their favourite restaurants regularly. After spending a few weeks cooking every single meal, the average person might feel like they can’t think of anything new. That’s why deliveries are not only considered a treat, but a welcome break for everyone trying to adjust to all of the changes that 2020 has brought.

Healthy Home Meals

Food Delivery Trends

What really made things change in 2020 is consumers realising that they didn’t have to make a choice. People who are really into their health and want to make home-cooked meals found services like Home Chef to helpful to their overall goals. A lot of food delivery services offer more than pizza and wings. Some delivery programs provide customers with fresh, natural, ingredients in their natural form. Consumers are given detailed instructions on how to prepare each healthy meal to their specifications. Here is a smart comparison of Hello Fresh vs Home Chef that will help you to see how each food delivery service stacks up. Even if you find yourself craving a rich pasta dish, changing food delivery trends have made it possible for you to eat healthy at all times.

Monthly Meal Delivery Services

For the most part, when you utilise a traditional food delivery service, you’re geared up to receive a single meal. Sure, pizza can make great leftovers the next day, and grocery store delivery services certainly provide more than a single meal. The reality is that monthly meal delivery services became a lot more popular, and for many consumers, feasible. Some monthly meal deliveries are tailored for people looking to lose weight, such as Slimfast and Nutrisystem.  More popular services like Blue Apron are actually geared towards singles, couples, and families that want fresh ingredients in each of their meals.

Grocery Store Deliveries

Last but not least is the fact that patrons have started to catch on to the fact that they can even get groceries from local supermarkets delivered at home. Major retailers like Amazon have dominated the market, but Hello Fresh remains one of the most well known and highly regarded home grocery delivery services. As this service becomes more popular, shoppers have sometimes found themselves waiting days for an open delivery slot to become available. Whether you are avoiding going to the grocery store because of health concerns or you simply like it because it is more convenient, it appears that home grocery deliveries are here to stay.

People have been having food delivered to their homes for many decades, but the way they look at it has changed. Having frequent food deliveries can work with your lifestyle, your health, and your specific food preferences, no matter what your tastes are. You don’t have to spend a lot to eat fresh produce every single day, whether you prepare it yourself or order from a restaurant. And most importantly, meals and groceries can be ordered via your mobile device, at virtually any time of the day, and it will likely be delivered to you faster than you can raid your refrigerator.