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Jette Virdi HeadStuff Food & Drink -
Jette Virdi, Creative Director for HeadStuff’s Food & Drink Section

Food and Drink – two wondrous words. It was over a basil and blueberry margarita that Alan leant over and shouted above the blaring 80’s music ‘let’s talk about a new Food & Drink section for HeadStuff’. I smiled and nodded. Partly because the margarita was so tasty but also just hearing the words “food” and “drink” together. They make me very happy.

When we had a proper sit-down chat, over lemon and ginger tea I might add, things became a lot clearer. The enormity of being creative director of a new section on really got me going. Little old me, and Laura Daly the editor, with complete control over what goes into this 100% new section? It became glaringly obvious that we were not going to run with food recipes. We decided that we needed to create a section that would spark interest in food lovers across the nation.

As a food stylist, consultant and photographer I’ve had my fair share of recipes. Hand on heart I can say that there will be no food recipes here in this area. Nor will we be reviewing restaurants.  We are, however, going splash in a couple of drinks recipes. Let’s face it, we could all learn to make a better cocktail! But food, no.

Instead, we’re going to be looking at how food relates to community, how politics affects food and changes within the food industry. We’ll be speaking to food producers across the country listen to their stories, hear of generations gone by.  We’ll learn about supporting future generations and how food has brought people closer together.

HeadStuff gives voice to the opinions that need to be heard, and this Food & Drink section will be no different.  We want to dig deep into the corners of the island, to hear about the local food heroes in your town. We also want to hear what it was like to eat reindeer in Finland, or why scrambled eggs on toast will always, always make you feel better.

Food and drink are integral parts of communities across the globe, so we’d like to welcome you to this new community we’ve created.

Join HeadStuff, Laura and me on this journey. We’re very, very excited.

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