20 Micro-fiction Stories

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The Not So Great Escape


“ATCHOUM!… oops.”





The Secret Life of Henry VIII







The Abused Dancer


After everyone left, she did endless pirouettes on his grave.





My One Day at the Donut Factory


“Holes. You were supposed to make holes in them.”





I Am Human Now


“It took me two marriages and three kids, but I finally got there.”





21st Century Man – A Study


“I post, therefore I am.”





A Tradition of Killing


“Daddy, what do you do for a living?”





The Art of Procrasti






The Bear That Hated Spring


He woke up and discovered the hedgehogs had, once again, glued all the furniture to the ceiling of his cave.




The Goodbye


“Me too.”





Last Visit to Nan


“Why didn’t she just hand me the money,” he sobbed on the witness stand.





The Needle Killer


“He won’t remember me doing this when he’s older,” his mother kept telling herself.





The Tragedy of Flight 147


“I dare you,” seven year old Michael teased his brother, who had his hands firmly on the lever of the door.





The Execution of a Farmer Boy


“I lost all faith when I realised not all caterpillars turn into butterflies.”





The Shadowboxer


He always lost on points.






The Snoring


Then, one morning, she started putting a milligram of polonium in his coffee.





The Ghost in the GPS


“Oh, great, the middle of the night and it’s sending me into a dead end street.”





The Cubist Cow








My Life as an Art Critic, 1984-1996


“It’s all a load of bollocks, actually.”





The Small Book of Self-Deprecation


“I suck.”