Poem of the Week |22| Aberrant


I started drinking water out of tea cups
because the glasses don’t look clean
even though I washed them myself.

A good photographer can make me
jealous of ugly people.
I take pictures of my friends,
wonder if it’s the settings
I don’t know how to use
or my friends
that I don’t think are pretty.

Yesterday I found myself
in a shop for no reason-
I didn’t need to buy anything
but I thought they were all
screaming at me
without meaning,


so I stumbled the isles
pretending to read boxes of cereal
I wasn’t going to buy-
until I had to go home
and I couldn’t leave with nothing;
I bought some tea and porridge.

At 8:03pm walking through town
everyone was trying to kidnap me
so I kept my head down
staring at the ground two steps
ahead until I found the bus.

Sometimes I stay awake
hours after you sleep
hoping my stirring
doesn’t make you angry.

I finally figured out
the resolution to life
and I’m planning how
to tell everyone
the answer I won’t remember
in the morning.