Poem of the Week |20| Beware of the Hey Man

Beware of the Hey Man

Beware of the Hey Man,

he’s lurking in the street.

That hipster-hatted Hey Man,


the coolest guy you’ll meet.


He’s sipping on his coffee,

a pained artistic soul.

The only thing that this guy’s

drawing is the dole.


His conversation sparkles

as he bums a cigarette.

He’s working on a book you know,

it’s just not finished yet.


Beware of the Hey Man,

he’s drifting through the crowd.

If you keep drifting every day man,

the world won’t wait around.


The screenplay never written,

the painting never hung.

You’ve wasted years

and missed the boat

but hey man, it was fun.

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  1. Graeme Ridsdale says

    Love the poem, its been awhile since hearing your poetry. Get in touch. Graeme.

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