Danger is Everywhere | review by Isabelle, aged 7

Danger is Everywhere by David O'Doherty and Chris Judge, book review by seven year old, isabelle aged 7, funny, children's book - HeadStuff.orgMy dad bought me this book, Danger is Everywhere, and I read it in a day when I was taking a break from the fourth Harry Potter.

Dr Noel Zone is a dangerologist. He made this word up. He made up loads of other words too…  Like pianowarus. He tells you stuff like how to know if your teacher is a vampire and if your toothbrush is a snake. That was funny too.
He used to work in a swimming pool but then he found out that the only danger in a swimming pool is the water so he got rid of that.

He’s not really telling you that danger is everywhere, he’s just making up crazy funny things. Like he says you have to be careful when you’re choosing pets. Get it right and you’ve a new best friend, get it wrong and you’ve bought yourself a ‘one way ticket to chompytown’… Baby dogs might grow up to be wolves and baby cats could be tigers. I have two rats which should be fine. He says that a baby hamster might grow up to be a hippopotamus but I think that’s just crazy.

He hates bicycles cos they’re dangerous. But they’re not really. Except for the part where you fall off. I nearly fell off my pony yesterday. Actually Dr Zone thinks horseback riding is kind of medium dangerous – not as dangerous as being strapped to a firework but definitely more dangerous than crawling.


Some people do think there’s danger everywhere. Like my sister. She’s afraid of butterflies. I told her it was only the Zombie Butterflies that she needed to be afraid of. I got in trouble for that but I think Dr Zone would probably scare her even more. She really shouldn’t read this book.

I think my cousin would like this book and I’m going to buy it for her for Christmas. She’s not getting my one though. I’m going to read it again. If I ever finish Harry Potter…


You can get Danger is Everywhere here or in bookshops.


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