Episode 12 – Mary Morrissy

Mary Morrissy agreed to be a guest on the HeadStuff Podcast and I was suitably delighted. Mary is one of Ireland’s finest writers with all of her books, The Rising of Bella Casey, The Pretender, Mother of Pearl and A Lazy Eye, receiving critical acclaim. She was one of my tutors on the Creative Writing MA in UCD and I was immediately drawn to her style of writing and teaching, and we’ve kept in touch since. So, it was great to have her on the podcast and to talk to her about her career, how and when she writes, her books, teaching and all sorts of other topics. It was a really fun conversation and it would be interesting to anyone who likes literature or writing.

I was joined on hosting duties this week by an old friend of mine, Ferdia Lennon, who is a fantastic writer and an all round nice and funny guy. Conor Wilkins, who does the sound is also on the mic and our podcast partnership is growing stronger and stronger, I think.

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