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Fortnightly Fiction is making a grand return.

In Fortnightly Fiction we publish a piece of work every two weeks submitted by a writer; whether you’ve been published before or are new to fiction writing, it doesn’t matter as long as it is captivating and skilfully written.

Bottom line: we are looking for quality literary work here.  We are likely to prioritise fiction which engages with the issues of today, which wrestles with truths from our modern world. And while there is a desire to see work with a strong emphasis on voice and character, we also hope to read submissions which aren’t afraid to push at the boundaries of what is expected of short fiction, work that takes chances.

As long as the quality of the work shines through, we are open to anything. Surprise us. Delight us. Give us no choice but to publish your work. One story per submission. No more than 3000 words please.

You can browse previously featured Fortnightly Fiction here.


Submissions are to be sent to [email protected] 

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