Poetrybeat |4| FRESH: Dublin’s Newest Poetry Slam

Things are chugging along nicely at Poetrystuff. We’ve lots of new things coming up this month: a stellar piece on some romantics, we’re meeting Colm Keegan, there’s some phenomenal Poems of the Week and a new feature called Poetrylust (which will make you WANT poetry bad). But for now, here’s a round-up of other poetic things…

What’s the slammity? fresh poetry slam

 There’s a brand new Slam in Dublin town. Aidan Murphy and Edel Doran, the duo behind the scene of many of Dublin’s best spoken word nights, are launching a new project called FRESH Poetry Slam. This will be at the Dublin Food Co-op, Newmarket Square, Dublin 8 on June 19th. Tickets are €5 and all proceeds go to bestowing prizes upon the poets that decide to slam it out. If you’re a poet – go and slam. Poems can be about anything and do not necessarily have to be about organic produce. Although given the location, I’ll be hoping to hear some gluten free verse. If you’re a foodie – go, if you’re a sceptic – go, if you’re a human – be there, it will be wonderful.  For other brilliant things they curate see: The Monday Echo, Slam Sunday, and Milk & Cookies (sure have a gander).

You’ve got body, but you’re looking for soul


body and soulFear not, there is an abundance of soul going to Body & Soul. Yep, possibly the cheesiest intro I’ve ever written, but it’s late and there’s a lot going on in June. Not only is there ALL THE MUSIC, but there will also be ALL THE POETS. They won’t be listed – but you can take my word for it– some of Ireland’s sparkliest spoken word stars will be popping up in tents at this old thing. For anyone that wants to know more about one of Ireland’s prettiest festivals – you can click right here.

Sometimes I just want to wear a beret and listen to the literature 

mary0Malley_616x400If you feel like seeing a poetry performance on a Sunday morning, Mary O’Malley will be reading at Lutyens Library in Howth Castle on Sunday the 7th June at 10.30am. This event is organised by the good folk at Poetry Ireland. I’ve heard Mary read before and it’s beautifully understated. You can get the details for the event here. So if you manage to be in Howth bright and early on Sunday, then this is one to see. You can have a wee walk up the hill after and become one with nature. It’ll be poetry in motion. Tickets are €10. Alternatively this is Mary’s book and an excerpt to further convince you.

 Have you got poetry amassing under your bed?

stinging flyThen send it somewhere, one place that’s open for submissions is the Stinging Fly. It’s pretty tricky to get into, but it’s definitely worth a shot and also a read. Buy a copy and see what they’re into and then send them your best things. You’ll never know, unless you submit. The deadline is August so you have all the time in the world.  Click here for their submission guidelines.

Why not head off to the mountains with some other poets? 

writers retreatColm Keegan is taking writers on a series of retreats in July. I’m mentioning it now, because slots are booking up fast. The intention is to allow writers to get away from it all and write in the inspiring surroundings of the Wicklow Mountains. Colm is a bit of a guiding light for aspiring poets, you’ll never meet a man more in love with the power of words (and you’ll find out all about that, later this month in our Meet the Poet feature). A lot of the places on this are already booked out, so click here for details and make sure you book your slot if you want to experience this gorgeous retreat.

Are you the next Patrick Kavanagh?

patrick_kavanaghThere is no next Patrick Kavanagh, so if you answered yes, then you need to check yourself. What there is, is this wonderful award that gives Irish Poets a chance to submit a collection of 20 poems. It’s a prestigious prize and many of the poets that get listed go on to make beautiful books of their work. This is one of the many stepping stones that might get your work noticed in the poetry world. All the details for this year’s competition are at this link.



I’ve become obsessed with this poetphilip levine

 I’ve always loved Philip Levine, but only recently stumbled across this poem at a Jane Hirshfield workshop (another magical poet). Anyway, if you were to read one poem this month, read this one, maybe. It stopped me mid workshop, I couldn’t concentrate on anything else that was said and I read it over and over. Here’s a link to The Simple Truth by Philip Levine.

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