Poetry Day 2016 | Revolution: History of Dublin in Two Egos

Today is Poetry Day 2016, when we recognise the contribution of the poetic arts to our history and culture. This year, in keeping with the centenary of the 1916 Easter Rising, the theme is Revolution. To celebrate Headstuff are sharing poems from our Revolution NOW series which draw their inspiration from the events and the country created in the aftermath of 1916.

History of Dublin in Two Egos

On the tawdry boulevard that at one time led to the future,
Stephen O. marshals his men in the midnight air,
As they hoist his neon trinity—the Mercedes trefoil—atop
The redbrick temple, pipping the Planning Act by minutes.

Elsewhere, at another time, Patrick G. in crombie and hard hat
Perches on the running-board of his Rolls, a hyena
Waiting for the lion to die. He marshals his red-ball crew in the
early morning chill, as they topple the Molesworth Hall,
While courts that might have stopped this mischief overslept.

Their egos tower still over the shallow city, anonymously,
One lighting the night but ignored by fast lane lorrymen,
The other housing the unloved EU, ignored by pedestrians
Pawing the sunless flags below. Thus vanishes
Every two-bit Ozymandias. Keats was not a man to lie.


You can join in the celebrations at one of the hundreds of poetry events happening around the country today – find a Poetry Day event near you.