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Something wicked this way comes…

It’s the Lit Review.


This Friday, Professor Mary MacAleese will launch Poems of Reposession, the first critical anthology of twentieth century poetry in Irish (with English translations.) The collection has been edited by Louis de Paor. Potential attendees are directed the National Library of Ireland, and to book their free tickets in advance.

A stage adaptation of Donal Ryan‘s The Spinning Heart begins its run in the Smock Alley Theatre next week. This week is also the second in which the current production of Tender Napalm is running.

Karl Parkinson will be launching his debut novel Friday July 29th at 7pm in JK Stoutman’sThe Blocks is to be published by New Binary Press. Dave Lordan will be acting as MC, and Frankie Gaffney will be launching the book.



The United Kingdom’s recent referendum on its membership of the EU has already inspired a selection of ‘Brexit’ themed erotic fiction. As reported by the Guardian, Pounded by the Pound has been available on Amazon for the last week. 

This week (Tuesday 5th) marked the ten year anniversary of the Stinging Fly’s first anthology of short fiction. It featured a host of the big names, such as Kevin Barry, Roisin McDermott and Nuala Ní Chonchuír. The summer issue of the Stinging Fly is now available in Books Upstairs, Hoggis and Figgis, and Waterstones (in Cork.)


The Stinging Fly will be accepting submissions for their Spring 2017 issue throughout August. Any submissions bearing a post mark after the 31st of August will be disregarded.

The fiction deadline for Minor Literatures runs until 31st July, though the poetry deadline has already passed.

3am Magazine are currently taking Non-Fiction submissions. Pieces should be sent to the appropriate editor, following consultation of the contact list.

The Twitterary Review

This week on Twitter, the Lit Review has been doing some investigative work…

One gaeilgeoir has been getting the most out of their new copy of The Stinging Fly.

Fantasy adventure writer Dave Rudden is very sorry.

‘Jean Rhys’ keeping it real.

‘John Banville’ has been coming over all sentimental this week…

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