Literature Submission Call – January 2018

HeadStuff Literature Submission Call

HeadStuff is relaunching its Literature section and we want to read your submissions!

New Literature Editor Aileen wants to read work that shocks, surprises and devastates.  Work that tells truths of life in Ireland and abroad, today and in the past.  Work that takes risks with genre and form.  The section will host new fiction as well as literary articles, personal essays and reviews of current and upcoming releases in the book market.  Every second week, The Lit Review will keep you up to date with literary events, competitions, submission calls and launches.

Keep an eye out for competitions, too.  Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date.  You can email Aileen at [email protected] with any questions.

Submission call

Fortnightly Fiction

We are open to short story and flash fiction submissions. We are looking for quality literary work. We are likely to prioritise fiction which engages with the issues of today and wrestles with truths from our modern world. We hope to read submissions which aren’t afraid to push at the boundaries of what is expected of short fiction, work that takes chances. So long as the quality of the work shines through, we are open to anything. Surprise us. Shock us. Delight us. Give us no choice but to publish your work.


One story per submission.
2500 words max. for short stories
1000 words max. for flash fiction.

Literary Articles

Do have have a hot take on a new book?  Or maybe you have an original angle on a classic work.  Maybe one of your college English essays is so good you think it deserves to be published.  Whatever literature you’re writing about, we want to read it.

2500 words max.

Personal Essays

The essay is really having its moment right now.  With literary journals publishing more and more essays, writers are taking chances and expanding the definition of the genre.  We want to read work that does just this.  This is your chance to make your life the most interesting thing we’ve read about this week!

2500 words max.


We are always looking for new reviewers. If there is a book you would like to review for us or, alternatively, a book you would like us to review, please contact us. We are particularly interested in literary novels and short story collections; but we are open to reviewing other genre books.

The Lit Review

If you have an event, a competition or submission call, a poetry reading or launch you want to tell everyone about, send your news to us for inclusion in The Lit Review.

If what you’re writing doesn’t fall into the submission call above, email Aileen anyway on [email protected] and tell her why we should publish your work.

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