Poem of the Week: St. Gobnait and the Place of Her Resurrection

St. Gobnait and the Place of Her Resurrection

On the tiny limestone island
an angel buzzes to Gobnait
in a dream, disrupts her plans,
sends her in search of nine white deer.

She wanders for miles across
sea and land until at last
they appear and rather than
running toward them

she falls gently to wet ground,
sits in silence as light crawls across sky,
lets their long legs approach
and their soft, curious noses surround her.

Breathing slowly, she slides back
onto grass and clover and knows
nothing surpasses this moment,
a heaven of hooves and dew.


Is there a place for each of us,
where we no longer yearn to be elsewhere?
Where our work is to simply soften,
wait, and pay close attention?

She smiles as bees gather eagerly
around her too, wings humming softly
as they collect essence of wildflowers,
transmuting labor into gold.

The feast day of St. Gobnait is 12 February.

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  1. Genora says

    I so enjoy the way you bring history into our daily lives in such vivid poetry. Teaches me in a way I can receive! Again a reminder to be a Monk in the World. Blessings, again and again to you dear Abbey of the Arts.

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