3 Poets for International Women’s Day

First up in our list of poets for International Women’s Day is Denice Frohman reading her poem A Woman’s Place. I first came across Frohman a few years ago in a HeadStuff post by Alvy Carragher. Frohman’s reading of her work is nothing short of electric. It was difficult to choose just one poem, and I definitely recommend checking out more of her work on YouTube.

Next up is Megatron by Hollie McNish. This poem celebrates the power of the female body with tenderness and humour and is one of my favourite poems. McNish is a wonderful performer and if you ever have the chance to catch her reading live, you should take it. Her performances are genuine, full of life, and her words will linger with you for a long time afterwards.


Finally, no list of poets for International Women’s Day would be complete without the inimitable Adrienne Rich. A friend gave me a book of her collected works a few years ago and from the first page I was hooked. Featured here is one of her most celebrated poems Diving into the Wreck.


To discover more poets for International Women’s Day, check out PoetHead, where you’ll find an Index of Women Poets that is a treasure trove of great writers. We also covered an extensive list of Poetry for Women’s Day right here on HeadStuff. Happy reading!

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