Cover by Nick van den Berg

Poem of the Week | Bethnal Green by Nayma Chamchoun

A journey to Bethnal Green.

It seems odd to take this path

When it doesn’t lead to you.

Every weekend racing to merge.

Unpacking the whole week’s events.

When the words faded,

A flood of desire

Carrying away the world’s lament.

Now the words have stopped.

The desire, terminated.

Faded snapshots of memory

As I alight at your stop.

A cat burglar in your hood.

Here for my own ends.

Avoiding detection.

The places you stood.

In the rush hour trickle and flow.

Beaming in your manor.

The Pearly King of banter.

Lullabies of the Bells of Bow.

I am the thief of love.

Taking hearts when mine is broken.

Unbearable, hopeful longing, unspoken.

Stealing through coves

Of love’s end

In the East End.

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Cover by Nick van den Berg on Unsplash