Poem of The Week | The Particular Bearing of Cows’ Tails – Chris Connolly

The Particular Bearing of Cows’ Tails

(Pour Pierre et Nic)

by Chris Connolly

The rain (I am sorry to bring it up)

falls like shivers down spines

kamikaze attackers against rattling glass.


It will be the opening topic of conversation


as always ––

an ever-strengthened relic

of agricultural concerns

from last-century days

when weather was mysterious

and most were farmers

and farmers relied on things like

the particular bearing of cows’ tails

for forecasts of


or storm or drought.


The ritual persists though

even with weather channels and

the internet

as if we didn’t know

in advance;

the weather, rain or shine,

comes first


like bread at a restaurant

or a handshake

or hug

or the tiny little nod

to a person you pass


you can’t be quite sure–– but you think you might know.

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Photo by Adam Sherez on Unsplash