Tim Marshall

Poem of the Week | Clearbrightness by Daniel Johnson

After the Irish of Aodhgan O’Rathaille

She was in the brightening sea and in

clearbrightness – something changed.

Following, I entered the substance.

It felt valuable like diamond or blood.

She moved in, under, through, glistening 

and dividing, droplets like dew on her arms 

and shoulders, crystalline tears on her cheeks.

It was blueness and nothing, different 

from the way darkness is nothing.

I held her in my cupped hands, 

and when I opened myself, thrusting 

upwards, parting the prison of my hands 

so that she was above me, clearbrightness 

in the air, she spread like a smile, 

glamoured and glimmering, 

forever falling away from me.

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Cover photo by Tim Marshall on Unsplash