Poem Of The Week | Elizabeth O’Connell-Thompson

To Provide

By Elizabeth O’Connell-Thompson

Begin with an assembled sanctity.

I make the most of each defect,
affirm that the process of being
called me to the stage.

Be it a short life,
I declare.
                       The life of a person
                                                or its equivalent.

Time shall protect one equivalent.


Erased from proposed bill H.R. 586, the “Sanctity of Human Life Act.” – USA

Poem of the Week - Elizabeth O'Connell Thompson


By Elizabeth O’Connell-Thompson

Men act where art may mend,

         act as if they know how

                to heal the spectres 

                        law denied that right.


Erased from Eighth Amendment of the Constitution, 1983. – Ireland

Poem of the Week - Elizabeth O'Connell Thompson

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