Poem Of The Week | ‘Green’ by Alison Driscoll


by Alison Driscoll


Green is abandonment, the overgrown, the unattended

The ivy asphyxiating pebble dashed walls

Green men moonwalking at night, the green of isolation

The green of bilateral fields waving us home, our gemstone analgesic

The unbiased green of maternity wards and the present tense

Malignant weeds, the green of fresh nodes

The margins of the seasons – nature’s etchings in doorframes

The green of greenhouses, sweating incubated cabbages

Green of poaceae, green of inspiration in poésie

The green of the real life – the rhizopus in the bread bin

Surging bile in the peritoneum tidal waves invisible

The alopecia of trees sighing in change

Green is the central line of our world body electric

The green of amitriptyline; healing is just outside

Doc(tor) leaves the age old cure

The green of the first aid kit, the tea and the tree at my back door.

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Photo by Jeremy Cai on Unsplash