Poem Of The Week | Folk Song By Megan Waring

Folk Song

By Megan Waring

When I enter the coffee shop everyone
stands up; Twenties-something man
with already receding hairline, attractive
dad with salt and pepper hair, dust caked
woman with red chicken at her feet.
They all crush their coffee cups.
Open their arms. Bluegrass plays
on the radio quietly. Latte machines
steam out as barista stands with her arms
spread as if she is ready to fly.
They all cheer, You did it, you finally did it.
We’ve been rooting for you. We all knew
you could do it. They whisper. We’ve all
been waiting for you, but we knew you
would get here.The chicken lays an egg
and it bursts into a yolk made up of every year
I have left and it glitters till I am blind.

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Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash