Poem Of The Week | Hunger By Orla Fay


By Orla Fay

The aroma of frying food fosters appetite
and curiosity of origin, some primeval response coded –
the raising of a spear, the scattering of birds
on a wide sun-scorched plain, a tree, silhouette acacia
and a setting Serengeti sun, the going in for the kill
and later roasting wildebeest above a crackling fire,
dinner wafting all through the valley
beneath blackberry and pin-pricked pocketed sky,
ever changing and ever moving earth.

And here, now, in the bustling daylit city
a homeless man is cooking chicken nuggets
on a small propane stove by a wall
at the back of a row of houses.
Carefully he works, going from plastic bag
to plastic bag, baby wipes at the ready,
a paper plate and some sturdy cutlery
as a dishevelled crow, drunk in the heatwave
looks for a morsel.

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Photo by narubono on Unsplash