Poem Of The Week | Tender Cuts Of Vegan by Edward O’Dwyer

Tender Cuts Of Vegan

at the Limerick Strand Hotel, 29th March, 2018
By Edward O’Dwyer


When there are Vegan-friendly restaurants,
it must be fair to wonder if Vegan-unfriendly restaurants exist,
or even Vegan-indifferent restaurants.

I am looking at a menu that boasts three kinds of curry:

Malaysian Style Chicken Curry
Malaysian Style King Prawn Curry
Malaysian Style Vegan Curry

If the first contains succulent chunks of chicken,
and the second contains plump, pan-seared prawns,
then shouldn’t the third contain seasoned tender cuts of Vegan?

Of course, I don’t claim to be an expert
on Malaysian Style Human Rights,
but I’m beginning to think they are less than sympathetic
to the many hardships of the Vegan cause.

If my logic is correct, I am at a restaurant
that will surely be leading the way in Vegan-unfriendly dining,
and if it is incorrect, I can at least complain
that the curry I had contained absolutely no Vegan,
and that the menu had led me to believe it would,

and see then what they can do about my bill.

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