Poems of the Week | Astronomer Seal and Arria by R.P Moran

Astronomer Seal

by R.P Moran

Torpedo snouted,

gazing up to 

battleship-grey skies.

Scanning for what?


Sonar singing

through clouds, 

fishing for stars;


hungry for




after the roadside sculpture by Andy Scott near Cumbernauld

Driving between the Central Belt

And the Highlands she’s caught,

Briefly, in my peripheral vision.

Her delicate, steely frame

Rises out of an air

More aqueous than anything;

A murky, misty night.

A mermaid, far from the shore,

She is a transitional creature,

Transcendental; a confluence of ideas,

Imagery and possibilities. Her raised arms,

Unreservedly, embrace the universe.

Now, miles down the road,

She still exists, suspended

Between the hard hill and the imagination;

Between fiction and Truth.


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Cover photo by R.P Moran