Poem of the Week | Elsewhere by Jeremy Haworth


by Jeremy Haworth


Storm-coked waters,

Rain-stitched earth,

wind cold as the swipe


of a feathered hook

peeling the iron

of trawlers junked


in a bath of silt.

One a hoop of ribs,

another a cringe of rust.


Staling in the cramp

of metal scrap, engines,

diesel fumes,


dead fish,

nettles, tangled nets,

a fisherman’s shack


and a kitchen slump  

of tabloids, takeaways,

empty bottles,  


where the postcard  

on a cupboard door

telegraphs elsewhere


on an A6 palimpsest 

of sand and clear water –

Playa de Palma – 


the blear of gold weather, 

bronze skin, speedos –  

Sunny Mallorca 


and on the rear, 

where cobalt biro runs – 

Wish you were here. 

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Cover image by Daoudi Aissa on Unsplash