Poem of the Week | Two Poems by Eyiamoni Apeji

I think you an Ira

By Eyiamoni Apeji


Today, I think you an Ira,

with curly hair

and giant palms



I think you tall

and funny

and full of warmth



I think you happier than most

with purpose

without ghosts



I think you standing beside me

Smiling, silent

And holding me still



I think you sit beside willow trees

An afternoon breeze

and tea

and poetry picnics



I think you sit there elbows to knees

and I think you think me a family


Eyiamoni Apeji

You Seem More Like Paxton

By Eyiamoni Apeji


Today you seem more like Paxton

With rigid lines

and an angular jaw

You seem relaxed

and alive

and much, much

smarter than I

You’ve got a Paxton smile

and vibrant eyes

that catch me in a lie

Today we lie…

on woven mats

we skip stones

and heartbeats

and I

can’t think you anything

but a Paxton


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Cover photo by Jennie Clavel on Unsplash

Centre photo by isaac sloman on Unsplash