Poem of the Week | Vacating by Kevin Higgins


by Kevin Higgins


Tomorrow we vacate the House of Hope,

pack what-was-to-have-been

in the brown cardboard boxes

we retain from our previous exile.


Once we’re safely gone,

the plain kitchen table at which we plotted

each morning to colonise

the world with hope,

and the big thin TV that took such pleasure

in telling us

it was over

will be placed in an industrial crusher

along with any traces

of the foolish hopes that briefly flourished here.


Then the windows through which we

thought we saw the sunrise

ripped out, the roof torn off

by a manic crane and not one concrete

block left standing on another,


so no one else tries to set up shop here

and bother the world with possibility

after we vacate the House of Hope,

as tomorrow we must.

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Cover Photo by Nolan Issac on Unsplash