Poetry Week | The Sea Oh The Sea by Martina McAteer

The Sea oh The Sea

by Martina McAteer


(Poem to be recited in one breath)


Sea soothsayer shhhhh!

Silent sound smooth flying

Rolling over waves like my swooping

Free-falling flying with you

My poor ragged soul champion

Of nowherelands and wild horses

Balanced every day on invisible high perches

Gasps moment gasps, dream moments

Of when we all let go

Gasps of the air we breathe

The pain we feel

The joy within us all

Eternal all

Impossible all

All our nowherelands

Sea, foam, spray

Wild and random

Edge of all our beginnings, middles and ends

At the edge of all partings

Shhhhh! The Sea, oh the Sea

The beautiful distance…

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Cover photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash