Poetrybeat |3| Feat: Victoria Kennefick

It seems like poetry just keeps happening and this month is no exception. So sit down and peruse the poetrybeat as I highlight a few of the MANY beautiful word things happening this May.

 LINGO are looking for you…


Yep, it’s a bit of a tick-tock situation here. There’s a deadline. It is May 8th and they are looking for all kinds of Spoken Word Talent. Whether you want to do a one man show, a group collaboration, or simply speak some of your words – then send videos and submissions and explanations of what you want to make/do/be by this date! If you get in, it will most likely be one of the loveliest experiences of your life, so it’s worth a shot. Here’s a link to all the information you could possibly want.

 cskullyEh, you’d basically be mad to miss this…


You know when the stars align? No? Me neither. But I do know when it seems like the stars are aligning, and this night is just that. This Monday, the 4th of May, there are a lot of amazing people getting on a stage in the Workmans, Wellington Quay, Dublin. It’s all part of the launch of Colm Scully’s book and acts featured will include (but may not be limited to): In Tandem (a mysterious duo!), Erin Fornoff, Angela Carr, Sue Cosgrave and one of Edinburgh’s finest spoken word artists. It’s at 7pm and you should be there.

 Everyone should enter because it has slightly better odds than the lottery…

logo bridport

Nothing says poetry like a big fat wad of cash. Yup. So yes, here it is the big prize of £5,000 goes to the lucky winner of the Bridport Prize. Submissions must be in by the end of May and it doesn’t cost a whole lot to enter. It’s dead fancy, so even getting your name listed would be some sort of sparkly dream that even Yeats would have been chuffed about (I’m sure of it). Click here for more details on how to enter.  

 A home for your auld poems…


The Penny Dreadful is a little creepy and a little wonderful and they are open for submissions till May 10th. I strongly advise that you consider sending them a little something, something. It can’t hurt and they publish it in a real-life book. Which looks great and is full of other brilliant writers…like you…if you submit and get accepted. Details for submission can be found at this link. 

 Curl up and read this…


I agree, that all seems like a lot of work and it might be nice just to sit down and read something. This month I’m recommending the loveliest of chapbooks. I had the absolute pleasure of interviewing Victoria Kennefick (which you will see later this month on poetrystuff) about her work and so got to delve into this treasure. And a treasure it is. Her poems bring you on an unforgettable journey and there are all kinds of powerful things happening. You’d be crazy not to read it. White Whale can be bought right here and at €8 it is pretty much robbery. But the best kind of robbery, elegant poetry robbery.

That’s it from the poetrybeat. As ever – if you want to submit, or shout things at us or have any questions, then you can get in touch with me at [email protected]. Rumour has it I take all kinds of mad submissions, as long as they’re poetry related or a poem.



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