Come get your Poetry-on with Poetryhunt

Lingo is fast approaching. Which means that we’re busy, busy, busy at Headstuff HQ, because we have a big bad shiny family event to run. We’ve been pulling together a poetryhunt like no other. This is a scavenger hunt that will take you on a journey through a world of books, to corners of the library you may never have wanted to see.

It’s on Saturday, the 17th of October, at 1pm in Pearse Street Library and it’s free. Unfortunately, we only have space for forty participants, because the last thing we want in the papers is : Death by Book Avalanche as Crazed Kids Stage Guerrilla Bookcase Bomb to Win Tickets to the Zoo. Although that’s not catchy enough to be a headline, so it probably won’t happen, even if a toddler gets knocked out by The Chronicles of Narnia.

So yes, sign up in advance, by popping into Pearse Street Library or giving them a call. Teams need to involve four people, preferably mostly kids, with an adult to help in case our book references are not from this generation. We also have lots of prizes. Amazing things like wax museum visits, zoo passes and chocolatey things (including a tour of the Chocolate Factory).

I don’t want to boast, but we’ve written sixty original poems to lead you through a trail of books. We’ll pretend it was as easy as that and not go on and on and on about how we sat around blankly wondering What do kids read these days? And then staring at the books (more blankly) as we tried to compose a poem for each one.


But now they’re ready and off to the printer, we’ve got face paints, volunteers and buns. We’re sitting here tapping our fingers with excitement. We want it to be right now! But it’s not right now. It’s at least five more sleeps (don’t look at me – I’m blankity blank when it comes to counting).

Sign up in Pearse Street library, in person, call them at 01- 674-4888 or email [email protected]. We’ll see you there!

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