Review| Danger Really is Everywhere

This book was so good that the first time I read it I forgot I was meant to be making notes, so I had to read it twice, which was totally fine as it was really very good. Then I read it a few more times just for fun. And then I took notes.

Even the acknowledgements are funny which is a surprise because for a start there isn’t always acknowledgements in a book and usually when there are they’re pretty boring, except for in my mum’s book because she mentions us which was pretty cool, but still not really that funny.

It starts off with a test, and you’re not allowed read any more of the book unless you pass. In fact, I think we should do some of the same test before you’re allowed to read this book review.

Find a book, any book and balance it on your head for three seconds. Don’t use a laptop or a tablet because that would be just stupid and not what he says in the book. Now leave the book on a pillow on the other side of the room and if you feel like running back to it and eating it then don’t read any more of this book review as you are clearly a werewolf.


Okay, congratulations, you’re not a werewolf. You may read on.

Danger Really is Everywhere
Even the acknowledgements are funny. Danger Really is Everywhere Source: Penguin

This story is about Docter Noel Zone’s Danger Patrols. He finds himself hurtling down a hill in a trolley where he bumps into the cook of Teddy’s school. She breaks her hand so he decides he’ll fill in for her in her job. Only instead of cooking what she normally cooks, he cooks nothing but cabbage soup. Then at Teddy’s school there is an outrageous bike stealing incident which is why he goes on Danger Patrol to try and find the bike thief…

I liked this book, my favourite character was Teddy. He was Katherine’s and Millicent’s little brother. I actually have a dog called Teddy, and a little brother, but they’re not the same. Well they’re kind of the same. They both wreck the place. But anyhow, I liked Teddy because he was really funny and really, really liked his Uncle Noel – by the way Noel prefers to be called Docter Noel Zone and that’s not a spelling mistake, that’s the way he spells Doctor. With an ‘e’ instead of an ‘o’. Of course you will know this if you’ve read the first book ‘Danger is Everywhere’ (review here) or the second book ‘Danger is Still Everywhere’ and if you haven’t read either then you need to stop reading this review right now and go and read them. This one is like the second one, more of a story than a handbook. Anyways, go read them, then Danger Really Is Everywhere and then read them all again.

Trust me, you’ll want to.

Verdict: This book is full of tree climbing, bike stealing and giraffe riding fun.

Featured Image Source: Irish Times