Review| The Wolf and Peter by Cois Céim

The Wolf and Peter, the critically acclaimed show by Cois Céim contemporary dance theatre, is a stunning re-imagining of Provokiev’s classic children’s tale. The Dublin based dance theatre has scooped out the best pieces of an old story, reshaping it as a magical, contemporary work of art.

The show begins as ‘Peter’, played by impish Ivonne Kalter edges out onto the stage. She tentatively lifts the lid of her magical piano, signals for her maestro— composer Conor Linehan— and her fellow dancers, and at once we are pulled into a magical world of great adventure and possibility.

Award winning
Cois Céim, or ‘footstep’ in Irish, is an award winning dance theatre company. They have gained an international reputation for story-telling through vibrant, innovative dance performances, touring around Ireland and internationally, building networks with venues here and around the world.

2017 Tour
The Wolf and Peter took place Mermaid Arts Centre on Thursday 15 December. This performance was the kick off for their Irish and international tour. It will take place throughout 2017, culminating in a show at Sydney Opera House in Australia, the first time a contemporary Irish dance company will perform there.


Kalter was joined by dancers Jonathan Mitchell, Emma O’Kane, Matthew Williamson and Mateusz Szczerek. Szczerek as the wolf is less terrifying than we might have anticipated. In fact, he is quite endearing. Although, he does devour the rather gormless duck at one point, which isn’t ideal, but this doesn’t faze Peter too much, who ends up helping the wolf to escape from the ruthless hunters.

The final scene is a stunning performance by Kalter and Szczerek. Accompanied by Linehan’s stunning new score, the result is an uplifting showcase of movement and music, silencing a room of fidgety school kids.

This show is vibrant and lively, the ensemble have taken a much loved story and spliced with their own innovative style. Linehan is an incredibly talented composer, he has taken Prokoviev’s composition and interspersed with his own haunting new score, complimenting Dermot Bolger’s edgy, modern choreography.

This is the first time Cois Céim have ventured into story telling for children, and the work is a triumph. An audience of about 150 restless children were sent into raptures for the duration of the show. They shouted out in delight, clapping and squealing as Peter and his pals pulled them out of reality and into the unknown.

Hot tip: go to see this show with a child, rob a child for an afternoon if needs be. It’s a cure for any misers who need a good dose of joy over the festive season.

Visit for more information on their 2017 tour.

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