Poetry Day 2016 | Revolution 1916: Irish Grand National Result, Easter Monday 1916

Today is Poetry Day 2016, when we recognise the contribution of the poetic arts to our history and culture. This year, in keeping with the centenary of the 1916 Easter Rising, the theme is Revolution. To celebrate Headstuff are sharing poems from our Revolution NOW series which draw their inspiration from the events of 1916.

Irish Grand National Result, Easter Monday 1916

  1. All Sorts 4/1

Rhymers and dreamers,
Old timers and schemers,
Disillusioned Home Rulers and chancers.
Schoolboys and teachers,
Fools and crowd pleasers,
Fiddlers, pipers, wayfarers and dancers.
Gaelic Leaguers and strikers,
Writers, dynamiters,
Fanatics, erratics, Celtic romancers.

  1. Punch 5/1

The Irish Inferno
The Irish Monkey
The Irish Vampire
The Irish Frankenstein
Dr McJekyll and Mr O’Hyde

  1. Ruddygore 3/1

Howth Mauser 1871            Single shot
Smith and Wesson .38         6 shots per minute
Martini Henry Carbine       12 shots per minute
Lee Enfield RIC Carbine     20-30 shots per minute
Vickers machine gun            400-500 shots per minute
Hotchkiss machine gun       500-600 shots per minute

  1. Civil War 20/1

Capitalism            Catholicism        Conservatism
Illusionism            Liberalism           Loyalism
Marxism                 Nationalism      Patriotism
Protestantism     Realism               Republicanism
Socialism               Unionism            Utopianism

You can join in the celebrations at one of the hundreds of poetry events happening around the country today – find a Poetry Day event near you.