Revolution NOW [08]: Revolution in Progress

Revolution in Progress

The lead wings make us fly
the tethers the tears in our eyes,
shine, bring the bier,
the good days are back, the good days 
are here comes Stalin, there goes Ho Chi Minh,
Ian Dury wouldn’t know the horrible state we’re in,
still holding dear
“El derecho de vivir en paz”.
Forever is in a day
thank god for Margaret Thatcher,
never mind Tony Benn,
Just let them good old times roll again,
it’s a Pussy Riot, it’s a tea party,
did you ever see Grace Jones
hitting Russell Harty?
Now here’s a cure for cancer,
then there’s a girl in the nude,
here’s a headless corpse,
Just like a good news show should.
Buy one get one free,
forget about Nana with the great big C,
I shot Michael Collins,
I kissed the cheek of Dev,
would you ever look at the Rev
in his paisley shirt
don’t say nothing
nobody’s gonna get hurt.
These are the good days
the revolution’s  on the go,
look at yer wan with the hair
on the Late Late Show.
Nothing nor nobody
is beyond the pale,
celebrate with Guinness,
everyone’s against the ale.
God bless us America,
god help the free man,
god knows the distinct style
of a Black and Tan.

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Featured Image: Andrew E. Weber (CC0)