Revolution NOW [09]: Vote of No Confidence

Vote of No Confidence

It’s not the manner of your going—
be it in an accident
no one saw happen, not even

the woman driving the car
that hit you; or you slipping

of your own volition
into a lovely hot bath, clutching
a large obliging razor-blade;
nor even the thought
of you being gloriously
eaten by a group of decidedly
but that you go
and stay the fuck gone.

What is there left
for you to do here but stand
about the place shaking hands
with our new overseers,
like Pierre Laval without
the white dickey-bow
or the charisma,
just glad to be allowed
in the building at this stage,
a practical fella in the wrong
colour tie, determined to cut
the only deal on offer;

thrilled to be occasionally let eat
your own dinner without it first
having to be cut up for you
into manageable rectangles
by a nice big Frau.

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