Revolution NOW [17]: Trying to Lose a Line

Trying To Lose A Line

It all piles up, like Tetris.
It’s hard to know where to put the worries, sometimes.

One catastrophe on top of another:          
a volcano
                               on a landslide
on an earthquake.

Everything gets worse, pulls worse things
onto the bad stuff that was there before.

Pretty soon, you can’t remember when things were
flat                                                         and straight.a


You’d like order, a wiped-clean, bedside locker,
Tidy, with neat nice precise right angles.

Instead, you have rubble
and lava
                       and dirt.

It’s hard to know where to put the worries, the wardrobe’s full.
There’s no room in the locker, that’s for sure.

There’s piles of them on the floor, a
Though at least they’re mostly folded.
You try to nestle one another beside another.
So you use the other side of the bed, then.
But that’s when they get really out of control
                      coming at you,
                     whizzing at you.

You dislodge them in your sleep,
you wake up to a clatter of them cluttering your pillow space,
you trip
                     over them when
You try to lose a line, get back to where you were.

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