Sinead Morrissey and Paul Muldoon on the same stage, say WHAT?

I’m all about the poetry readings, but sometimes there’s a poetry reading that you know is going to beat all the other ones deep down into the ground. Not because the poets will be armed, or at least not violently speaking, but because they are so excellent you will mentally beat down everything else you’ve experienced and have a series of withdrawals after the event.

This is one of those events. The line-up is, there’s no other word for it, sparkling. With names like Sinead Morrissey, Paul Muldoon and Colum McCann all slated to read at what is a free event.

Wait, what?

Slow down….




I’m not surprised by much, but a free event featuring poets (and a poetic novelist) of this calibre is distinctly unheard of. So get your poetry bag out, don your fedoras and get yourself to the Hill of Tara. It’ll be worth the trip to see this.

Now normally I’d write a little bio for each of the writers, but that probably isn’t necessary. These are some of Ireland’s very best contemporary poets and need absolutely no introduction, at least not from the likes of me.

Imagine, not only do you get to frolic around a lovely spot that is steeped in all kinds of historical relevance, but you get to witness what will be an unforgettable line-up.

Co-curated by the legendary Paul Muldoon, this event is happening at 3pm, so you can be home to your corner of the country and tucked up by a decent hour.

So let’s do a quick round-up of all that gushing. Sinead Morrissey and Paul Muldoon will be subjecting people to poetic greatness THIS SUNDAY at 3pm on the Hill of Tara. Should you need further convincing you can read all about the afternoon here.