Strange Bedfellows [05]: Diane Arbus

Diane Arbus

Black and white drag queens
Meet your gaze
Staring from their Metro posters

The last day of her retrospective

Waiting outside
At Place de la Concorde

Gold neon of the ferris wheel
Rippling out in circles


The glare of it
Tumbling over us

Everything doubled
And gleaming in the rain

Waterfall mist of the fountains
White sulphur

We had to dance to keep warm
But worth it

Stepping into the bright
Each image in a neat frame

Capturing America
The darker sides
Grotesque, imperfect and real

Perhaps she saw too much.

One of them looked like us –
A teenage couple on Hudson Street

Like they were the same being

Twin stars, luminous
Bound to each other

Odd and synchronistic
But things always were
With you

And I didn’t know
That in a few months
I would be on that street

Eating Mexican food
On the hottest of days

The fresh chilli
Glittering my throat

That love could come back
And repeat itself
A thousandfold

That we would happen again.

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