Strange Bedfellows [01]: Penelope’s Truce With Odysseus

Penelope’s Truce with Odysseus

The past was still barking at you
when you came through the gate

Someone who saw the wound long ago
recognized the scar

hoped for you
the memory was healed.

You sailed three sheets to the wind
into every port you thought might be your destiny:


one-eyed insights and sirens
holding you custody.

So I took my time coming near you again
I needed to know Odysseus how you’ve changed

across all the years and whether you still recall
the secret of our chamber: did you ever guess

I’d use it as a test: It’s now a leafy canopy,
I need to know if you can remember yet,

not the dog, but your old olive tree,
and if you can love its tangled branches?

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