The Lit Review |72| The West Cork Literary Festival

This dry night, nothing unusual

About the clip,clop, casual

Iron of his shoes as he stamps death

Like a mint on the innocent coinage of the earth.


It must be Lit Review time again.


This Sunday marks the beginning of the West Cork Literary Festival, which occurs annually in Bantry. The opening night sees the presentation of JG Farrell Fiction Award, for the best opening chapter in a work in progress by a writer based in Munster.

David Mitchell, Caitriona Lally, Louis de Bernières, John Banville, Thomas Morris, Kevin Barry, Carys Davis and Marion Coutts will be all be in town. The festival also sees the launch of the annual Fish anthology of news writing.

At the Irish Writer’s Centre next Tuesday, Paul McVeigh will be speaking at 7:30 in conjunction with the Irish Times Bookclub.

A stage adaptation of Donal Ryan’s The Spinning Heart is ongoing in the Smock Alley Theatre.


Completed in the year preceding the 2003 Iraq war, a novella written by Sadam Hussein will be published in English this December. The original manuscript was originally published in Jordan in 2005, having been in the possession of Hussein’s daughter, though was promptly banned. In 2006, it was published by Japanese house Tokuma Shoten, and subsequently translated into Turkish. Previously published under the title Devil’s Dance, UK publisher of out of print titles Hesperus Press are yet to announce its English title. The untranslated edition was unfavourably reviewed in the Guardian.


Poetry Wales are currently accepting submissions for their upcoming issues. Though Actively seeking submissions from poets of all backgrounds, they encourage submittors to read an issue of the magazine first.

Kentucky based, online short fiction and Chapbooks printing outfit are currently accepting submissions Whiskeypaper are accepting submissons. Short stories, flash fiction, a collection of ‘short shorts’ are all welcome, as long as they don’t exceed 1,00 words.

La Vague are seeking submission of poetry and visual art by female poets and artists for a bi-annual collection of eight pieces.

Outpost 19 are seeking submissions for a journal of arboreal (that which is related to trees) non-fiction.

The Twitterary Review

This week on Twitter, the Lit Review did some investigative work.

Never let it be said that the International Literature Festival aren’t a helpful bunch.

Catherine Ryan Howard has been doing some hard work ahead of the West Cork Literary Festival.

There is still a career in copy-writing waiting for Gavin Corbett.

And (the real) John Banville has been on the airwaves…

See you next week!