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Time present and time past

Are both perhaps present in time future

And time future contained in time past.

But the Lit Review only comes out on Wednesdays.


In the New Theatre this week, a new play entitled Inisfallen Fare Thee Well begins its two week run. Assembled by the Dublin Theatre Company, the play concerns the life and time of Sean O’Casey.


The Monday Echo will be gathering in the Mezz again this week. Expect spoken word, music and other genres of performance.

Ó Bhéal, who also meet on a Monday night, will be assembling in the Long Valley Pub on Winthrop Street (in Cork), as they have done since April 2007. This week’s guest is Sandra Anne Withers.


As reported on his blog, Kevin Higgins has been dealt an “administrative suspension from holding office or representing the Labour party.” Though he is a member of the party, Higgins does not hold office; he speculates that his involvement in the online publication of ’21 Poems, 21 Reasons to Choose Jeremy Corbyn’ may be the “comments made on social media” the party refer to in their letter. Higgins has published two other pro-Corbyn poems, ‘The Ghost of Miniscule John Mann” and ‘On Your Unsuitability for Holding High Office’, published in The Bogman’s Canon and the Morning Star respectively.

The Guardian writes that a study published in the latest Social Science & Medicine has found that avid readers tend to live longer than the average. The study encompassed the readings habits of 3.635 people over the age of 50. Those who read more than 3.5 hours a week were 23% less likely to die.

As per The Bookseller, a new independent publisher specialising in mental health has opened trade in the UK. Trigger Press comprises of 12 members of staff, is based in Newark Northgate and will publish its first title in September.


Barry McEvoy and Flying Turtle are offering a six week screenwriting course beginning 1st September. Those interested should head to Flying Turtle Productions’ website.

Those in the early stages of writing a novel or short story collection should apply to the Stinging Fly writer’s workshop no later than Monday 15th August. The class, numbering ten writers, will participate in sessions led by Sean O’Reilly between October and March.

The Bombay Gin, a literary journal based at Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado; and founded by Allen Ginsberg and Anne Waldman, is accepting prose and poetry submission until 15th August.

The Red Line Book Festival poetry competition is accepting submissions until 12th August. This year’s entries will be judged by Michael O’Loughlin. There are 300, 200 & 100 euro cash prizes for first, second and third place.

The Twitterary Review

This week on Twitter, the Lit Review has been doing some investigative work.

Ye still remembers his LC comparative study.

They certainly did not tell me it would be that way.

Frankie Gaffney (Dublin Seven) has had it up to here.

Anyone else been thinking this?

Alright for some…

See you next week!

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