19 Year Old Poet Pens Poem for the Yes Vote

With just days left till the referendum, we’re all more than familiar with the vote Yes campaign. Mel Kavanagh, a young Dublin based Slam Poet, has added her voice to the Yes! Campaign. We’re chuffed to feature her recent video poem for the Yes vote.  

Mel is indeed a brave new voice and says she is using poetry to give a voice to those issues that effect her generation. A fresh voice, it’s hard not to get wrapped up in her enthusiasm. She is primarily concerned with the effect the vote will have on young LGBT people and their families. 

As a Spoken Word poet, I know that one voice can be enough. One voice can still be heard by hundreds. One voice can make a difference.

This won’t be last time you hear from Mel, she is currently captain of Ireland’s Youth Slam Poetry Team. This team is set to compete internationally at the Brave New Voices Poetry Competition, later this summer. The team, mentored by poet Stephen Murray, uses spoken word to combat issues that effect their generation.

[iframe id=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/g9u9KoJ60cA” align=”center”]