Instagram Pick of the Week | Sacha Strange

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This week, it’s Sacha Strange.

What is Instagram for you?

I use my Instagram as a small showroom with a big door opened to anyone. It’s like throwing illustrations in bottles into a sea of greedy eyes. There is always a surprise in seeing who will like it. And if no one does, well you can always tell yourself the bottle got eaten by a seal.

Sacha Strange Dublin Illustrator Instagram

Why/when did you decide to start sharing your work on there?

Last March, on a dark and rainy Irish Sunday. I was wondering the point with life and then decided I won’t give anyone the chance to tell me again “What? You are NOT on Instagram, like?”. Now i’m safe until Instagram actually declares bankruptcy. Before that, I’ve always felt a bit uncomfortable when it comes to social media and Irish Sundays.

How would you describe your style?

Grimacing faces, old streets, curvy bums, weird smokes and foxy boys. All that wrapped in colours fields and black strokes.

Sacha Strange Dublin Illustrator

What equipment do you use?

Illustator & a Wacom tablet.

Who has been or currently is an influence on you?

Jean-Michel Tixier, Parra, Floc’h, Joost Swarte and all the Ligne Claire style artists.

Sacha Strange Dublin Illustrator

What are your must-follow accounts on Instagram?

For Illustration:
@jeanmicheltixier, @eromatica, @ushikima, @alicewietzel, @floorvanhetnerderend, @okamurayut

For Graphic Design:

For Photography (and kisses): @calvfree

All images via Sacha Strange