Dubland Baz Ashmawy

Dubland meets Baz Ashmawy

Dubland meets Baz Ashmawy… and they talk about all of Suzanne’s favourite snake oil nonsense, glue blood, levitation, the whole lot. Baz’s daughter is an elf, which is pretty cool. She had to change school, unfortunately, Elf school is more welcoming. Irish funerals are better than Irish weddings. Baz talks about getting back into acting, and about his new documentary with his mother. Suzanne reveals her two year rule, and her theory on chlamydia and old people. The gang discuss alcoholism, being baptised when you’re a big boy or a gorgeous little girl. They get into religion, Baz’s upbringing and a different view on life in Ireland. There’s loads more in this episode, it’s goddamn brilliant! Enjoy!