Dubland Season 2 | A Bit of Personal Humiliation a Bit of Ranting, Back to Normal Anyway!


After some light settling back in, we’re straight into Brexit talk. That gets sorted out, so Suzanne and PJ move on to Greta Thunberg… she gets sorted. There is some stuff about call-out and cancel culture… that’s sorted. They move on to the dreaded clampers then, Suzanne’s car got clamped – that gets sorted out, eventually. There’s talk about Young Offenders, and what they were up to for the Summer. There’s a controversial statement about London and Dublin pubs, which doesn’t get sorted. There’s a litany of issues that come with being 44 years of age. And the difficulty of buying stuff from a pharmacist – back in the day.

Dubland Season 2 is here, and it’s Dublander than ever! Let us know if you enjoyed the episode!

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